lost in transition

lost in transition

a travelling paper-making project exploring loss and liminality

2021 – Present
Recycled Paper

The Story

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a time of collective loss for many of us, whether we realised it or not. Stuck in a prolonged state of flux, our everyday lives changed significantly: loved ones were separated, jobs lost, traditional events paused. These quieter forms of loss often go unacknowledged, yet we mourn inwardly for them.

These cycles of hidden grief are eerily familiar for adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) like myself. Returning to Singapore in 2020, amidst the pandemic, I was confronted with yet another time of transition, and my own historical experience with loss as an ATCK. I sought to process this period of liminality the best way I knew how: making art.

In doing so, I started ‘lost in transition’, an ongoing, travelling three-part project that seeks to recycle paper from specific remnants of my past and present, and make new paper together with others, over conversations about life, loss and everything in-between.

Project Locations

Art Outreach

1-7 March 2021

For a week in March 2021, the HEARTH 2.0 space at Art Outreach was transformed into a workshop and open studio space for this first instalment of lost in transition, thinking about my journey as a TCK and art therapist.


16 Sep – 12 Oct 2021

Part of a month-long residency at dblspce, this second chapter of the lost in transition project sought to explore the present state of flux, and the quiet grief that accompanied our society’s journey through the pandemic.


Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

The project’s final instalment, “(UN)CERTAINTY,” was staged at SainouSpace from 27 Nov-19 Dec 2021, following a month of residency reflecting on ideas of endings, acceptance and safe spaces.


Pop-Up Workshops & Talks

Over the course of the project, recycled paper-making workshops and talks have been run for the members of the public, schools and organisations. Interested in a small private workshop? Get in touch.

Artwork Samples