2021 – Present
Size Variable

A necessary evolution of lockdown-based Stay, Home (2020), the on-going RE:MADE series seeks to make sense of my expanded environment in Singapore. It utilises the similar language of found objects, but combines it with the professional tools and materials available at local co-working workshop The Made Agency.

Created from reclaimed materials, and items destined for the landfill, the works are as much a representation of a dialogue with the materials, as it is with the community of makers that shares the space. The symbolic act of taking what was discarded or broken, embracing its loss, and making something new, continues to give voice to the ideas of reintegration and re-visioned identity, situated within a community.

Largely Suit-table (2021)
Vintage Skyway Suitcase, Solid Pine, Plywood, Shellac, Angled Brackets, Velcro & Metal Screws
50cm x 80cm x 50cm

(Supported by a grant from The Made Agency)

A portable table that disassembles and packs into itself, made from a vintage 1960s family suitcase, scrap wood and finished with natural shellac to pay respects to its age.

Created soon after my return to Singapore, this piece was representative of the liminal state I found myself in at the time. It also echoed my past periods of childhood transition, a sentiment underscored by my family name still sewn into the luggage lining. Over time, this table has become a new transitional object, unpacked at each new location I find myself.

Rather Pallet-table (2021)
Pallet pinewood, reclaimed pallet nails, brass locking hinges, screws, varnish and wood glue.
100cm x 60cm x 50cm

(Private Commission)

A foldable coffee table made entirely from materials salvaged from a donated pinewood pallet, including the original nails.

Designed to showcase the imperfections and knots in the pine (a wood often overlooked for tabletops due to its softness), this private commission also retains small details that pay homage to its former life as a pallet.

Where once it supported industrial materials, this piece now hosts dinners and gatherings in its new home.

A Leg Up (2021)
Used wooden crutches, reclaimed pallet wood, bolts, wing nuts, walnut oil and wax.
110cm x 100cm x 30cm

This portable rack for drying paper was made from a pair of beautiful wooden crutches from an unfortunate leg accident.

Constructed as a transitional object to begin my second instalment of the lost in transition project, it illustrates my move from my current state to the new one, both physically as well as psychologically. Something old, something new; something taken, something made.