lost in transition x HEARTH 2.0

lost in transition

Art Outreach, Gillman Barracks

1-7 March 2021

Over the course of a week in March 2021, the HEARTH 2.0 space at Art Outreach was transformed into temporary studio for ‘lost in transition’: a place to process loss and liminality through therapeutic art making, and encourage conversations that connected to our wider sense of collective grieving.

Working alone for three days, and then collaboratively with guests for two, I conducted private papermaking workshops for eight individuals in total. Each was invited to bring something of their own to recycle into new paper, and then to create works alongside me. Through the act of collaboration, art making became a vehicle for the creation of something larger than itself – human connection.

The artworks by myself and my guests were displayed during a public Open Studio over the weekend, attended by almost 300 members of the public.

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