Stay, Home

Stay, Home

2020 – 2021
Found Objects
Size Variable

The prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, both in the UK and Singapore, prevented access to one’s typical social support network and the facilities to create art. It was a situation out of anyone’s control – an experience not unfamiliar to TCKs or ex-boarding school students.

During this period, in a search for personal agency, I began building household furniture, upcycling discarded objects with whatever materials I had available in the various houses I took shelter in.

An artwork series that crossed continents, ‘Stay, Home’ represents an attempt to create a home, at home. The symbolic act of taking what was broken or forgotten, embracing its loss, and making something new, gives voice to the ideas of reintegration and re-visioned identity.

#1 – On Its Last Legs (2020)

Discarded Table Top, Wooden Broom Stick, Dowel Screws, Glue,
30cm x 45cm x 40cm

#3 – Monument to the Pandemic (2020)

Wooden Chipboard, Tree Branch, Cotton Cord, Curtain Hooks, Discarded Cabinet Legs, Paint, Toilet Rolls,
30cm x 70cm x 12cm

#5 – Everything is Ill-uminated (2020)

Discarded Lamp Base, Recycled Styrene, Hessian Cloth, Glue, Paint, Lightbulb,
35cm x 70cm x 40cm